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Firewood for Sale in Johannesburg,
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Get 30 bags of firewood for only R900. Free delivery and kindling in Gauteng

High quality firewood for sale. Free delivery and free kindling on every order. Call 067 103 0999 or email us at

Firewood Bags (8kg) Total Price
  30 Bags of Firewood + 1 x Kindling + Free Delivery   R900 - (click here to place order)
  60 Bags of Firewood + 2 x Kindling + Free Delivery R1600 - (click here to place order)
100 Bags of Firewood + 5 x Kindling + Free Delivery R2600 - (click here to place order)
200 Bags of Firewood + 10 x Kindling + Free Delivery R5000 - (click here to place order)

We stock Blue Gum and Sekelbos firewood, both are hardwoods great for the fireplace and braai respectivly. Don't forget to pick up a bag of kindling for only R25 to help get that fire started. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on the quality of all our firewood.


100 bags of blue gum firewood at 8kg. Enough firewood for the whole winter

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Our firewood is dry and quality tested

Burning firewood is no doubt a great way to keeping your home warm and cozy. It creates a blazing fireplace that creates a romantic ambiance and unparalleled radiant heat. Firewood is one of the most cost effective heating source in Johannesburg. Actually, it has shown to be six times more economical than electric heat and five times more economical compared to heat from gas. What’s more, it is undeniable that the use of wood for cooking also brings its own advantages. And its availability means you will never have to strain in search of it especially if you connect with a good firewood supplier. So for dry and seasoned firewood, you can trust us to supply you with quality wood and have it delivered to your home or office at no extra cost.

Types of firewood in South Africa

Some types of firewood will burn hotter and longer than other types of wood while others can create a hazardous build-up creosote in your chimney. It is therefore important to have proper knowledge regarding the best types of firewood you are likely to find in Johannesburg. To help you, here are some of the best types of firewood in Gauteng:

Blue Gum

Blue gum is not native to Africa but was introduced to the continent in the late 19th century because how how fast it grows and it being an excellent fuel source. It makes great firewood because it is hardwood and very dense. However, blue gum can consume around 80 to 200 liters of water per day hence its moisture content when wet is so high. That is why it needs to be seasoned properly before it can be used for best results. One drawback though is that some people find it to burn extremely hot and usually takes slightly longer to light. This however can be solved by burning it together with other types of firewood or using kindling. Some advantages of this firewood include:


Growing in the deep dry sandy soils in parts of South Africa, this type of firewood is very hardy to drought and fairly resistant to frost. It is extremely dense and good for fires. Like blue gum, this type of firewood can also be used on indoor fireplaces. However, it is slightly expensive because it contains very low water content and is dryer than other types of firewood. It also makes for great braai wood because of its unique and natural musky fragrance. Some advantages of this firewood include:

Black Wattle

This is a slightly softer wood compared to blue gum and kameeldoring. It was traditionally prized for wood fired bakers ovens. Its density and moisture content when well seasoned makes it a great choice for use in the fireplace. Some advantages of this firewood include:

We supply the best hardwood firewood anywhere in Gauteng

Hardwoods are often considered to be a superior firewood because the wood is very dense. Because of the density, they create hot, long-lasting fire without a lot of sparks or smoke. This type of wood also creates hot coals thereby giving out radiant heat for a long period of time. Wherever you are in Johannesburg we can supply you with only the best hardwood firewood. Our hardwood firewood is less resinous hence your chimney is less likely to result in build-up of tar deposits. They also have the least pitch and sap.

We sell only dry firewood

We know how difficult it can be to burn green wood. The smoke and creosote can be too much to handle. That is why we make sure all our wood is dry to the core. Our dry wood has been cut, stacked and allowed to dry completely so that the moisture content is reduced down to twenty percent. Our dry firewood is:

Kindling for the fireplace for sale

Despite providing a more efficient fuel source, some hardwood firewood can be difficult to ignite. We have the best kindling to get a fire started. Our kindling are of resinous and fibrous nature to help start a fire very quickly. The kindling will also produce a very pleasing flame to look at.

We stock quality firewood

Not only do we offer affordable and quality firewood, but we have dry and seasoned wood for all your needs. Get in touch with us today and find out more about the types of firewood we offer. Call 067 103 0999 or email us at we guarantee you will be coming back for more.