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Braai Wood for Sale in Johannesburg,
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Get 30 bags of firewood for only R900. Free delivery and kindling in Gauteng

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Braai Wood Bags (6kg) Total Price
  30 Bags of Braai Wood + 1 x Kindling + Free Delivery   R900 - (click here to place order)
  60 Bags of Braai Wood + 2 x Kindling + Free Delivery R1600 - (click here to place order)
100 Bags of Braai Wood + 5 x Kindling + Free Delivery R2600 - (click here to place order)
200 Bags of Braai Wood + 10 x Kindling + Free Delivery R5000 - (click here to place order)

We stock Sekelbos braai wood. Don't forget to pick up a bag of kindling for only R25 to help get that fire started. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on the quality of all our braai wood.

bag of braai wood

Bag of sekelbos braai wood at 7kg. Nice and convenient packaging

braai wood

50 bags of sekelbos wood, delivered. He will be braaing for a while

Summers are wonderful times for South Africans and the traditional braai is a regular pastime. It is simply their way of life. You can pick-up the aroma of a braai every weekend. While there is much to say about whether it is best to braai with wood, charcoal or gas, nothing beats a real wood fire. The use of wood for braaing has its advantages. One of the biggest advantages is the rich, smoky flavor it imparts on the meat and the fact that it is readily available. Secondly, when you are done braaing, you can easily use the braai as a fireplace to extend your summer evenings and relax with your friends and family. Therefore, choosing the right braai wood is vital. We supply quality braai wood and offer you free delivery where and when you need it all over Johannesburg.

Types of braai wood in South Africa

A wood fire makes the best braai and for good reasons. Braai wood is therefore always in demand in Johannesburg especially during hot summer days. And with so many types of braai wood available to choose from, it is imperative to find the best wood that produces long-lasting coals. A good braai requires wood that will be easy to light and burn well. The last thing you want is to think you have started the perfect fire for braaing only to turn back to the fire a few minutes later and find that it has completely flamed out. To help you make an informed decision, here are some of the types of braai wood we supply in Johannesburg:


The best wood to braai with must be Sekelbos, a hardwood that is native to South Africa. It is yellow in color and grows naturally in the desert parts of Johannesburg. It is also dense in nature and burns longer with no toxicity, so it is often used for braaing. Its bark on the other hand can be used to treat toothache, elephantiasis and headache and its roots have many medicinal value.

Black Wattle

Highly invasive in most countries including South Africa, this tree species was introduced in Johannesburg for commercial purposes. It can thrive under adverse soil conditions. It serves as an important source of firewood for local communities making it eco friendly. It is therefore a great wood for fireplaces, pizza ovens but most importantly for braai because it tends to burn hot giving away long-lasting fires. Some advantages of this braai wood include:

Our braai wood is dry and well seasoned

It is important that braai wood is made as dry as possible before combustion. We only sell dry and well seasoned wood. All our braai wood moisture content is reduced down to 20%. This means our wood is able to reach high temperatures quicker than other types of logs because of the minimal moisture to burn off. It therefore burns for longer giving you great value for money.

Kindling for the braai for Sale

Are you tired of struggling to light your braai wood? For a strong flame or wonderfully flavored food that is sure to impress your friends, you will need to get quality kindling for the braai for getting the fire glowing. Our kindling is produced from softwoods and dried to a moisture content of less than 20%. It is quick to light thereby delivering an easy to start and sustainable fire.

Braaing with wood vs charcoal

A wood fire makes the best braai because of its ability to impart the most flavor. No other method comes close to replicating the smoky char-grilled flavor as a result of the sizzling juices and fats that drips onto hot coals thereby producing a smokiness that is imparted to your meat. But while wood is considered the ultimate fuel for braaing, charcoal is also perfect for fast and convenient braaing. This is because it is lights very quickly and is very easy to use. However, the warmth from charcoal fire is also not enough for you to sit around with your friends after braaing compared to that from the wood fire.

We sell only the finest braai wood in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Looking for the braai wood in Gauteng? Do not be disappointed with wood that will not burn properly. Quality wood is our passion. We supply only the finest wood available at affordable prices. We specialize in big and small orders and our wood is super dry and long lasting. Our wood will not only give you adequate heat to sear, but also a delicate smoke flavor that is more subtle compared to smoking.

Need quality braai wood delivered to you at no cost? We sell dry logs of braai wood to let your fire burn longer and hotter. We are flexible on the time and date of when we can deliver so just ask. Whether you need the wood in bulk or in small quantities, you can count on our on-time delivery services. Call 067 103 0999 or email us at to order today!