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Dry Firewood and Braai Wood in
Gauteng, South Africa

High quality dry firewood for sale in Johannesburg, Randburg and Sandton. Free delivery!

We supply and deliver firewood for your fireplace or braai in Johannesburg, Sandton, Randburg and sorounding areas. Call 067 103 0999 or email us at to order firewood today!

Quantity 30 Firewood Bags + 1 Kindling
Price R900 (Free Delivery & Stacking)
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Quantity 60 Firewood Bags + 2 Kindling
Price R1600 (Free Delivery & Stacking)
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Quantity 100 Firewood Bags + 5 Kindling
Price R2600 (Free Delivery & Stacking)
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About our firewood: Blue gum is a hardwood that burns longer and hotter than other firewoods. Each bag weighs approximately 8kg. We ensure our firewood is dry and ready to burn with a mositure content of less than 20% and is suitable for open and closed fireplaces as well as bonfires.

If you like your firewood in large quantities you can now order bakkie loads of loose firewood! get 950kg of loose firewood for only R2400 with free delivery and stacking

Delivery Areas

We offer free delivery throughout Gauteng, although we mainly deliver to Johannesburg and surrounding areas such as Randburg, Sandton and Roodepoort. To make delivery economical we deliver to Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria on Fridays and Saturdays.

Quality Hardwood Firewood

With many types of firewood and braai wood to choose from, hardwood is the best thing for a fireplace or braai as soft wood tends to burn up too quickly. Although hardwood is more difficult to light, hardwood burns for a long time at high tempratures thereby producing nice coals and leaves less creosote chimney build up. This is because this type of wood is very dense and packs more BTUs of potential heat energy per volume of firewood. However, they are more difficult to get ignited in the first place so you will need other types of wood as a starter wood such as kindling. Some hardwoods that make for the best fire include:

So with greater warmth and less need to throw another log on the fireplace, choosing a quality hardwood like blue gum or sekelbos is the way to go.

Our Firewood is Dry and Ready to Burn

Dry seasoned firewood is wood that has been left out to dry for a period of time. Well-seasoned and dry firewood makes for a longer clean cycle, provides a brighter, hotter fire and also tends to create less creosote build-up. Some of the benefits of using dry firewood include:

Help Get Your Fire Started with Some Kindling

Starting a fire especially if you are using hardwood can be difficult. So whether you want to start a fire for your pizza oven, campfire, fireplace or braai, with our quality kindling, you will be sure to get your fire lit first time. Our kindling is split down from dry seasoned wood to provide a great quality kindling.

For not only great firewood but great service. Call 067 103 0999 or email us at to have your firewood delivered today!